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This travel and dining/entertainment information is for sharing with other Commander owners. While half (at least!) the fun is getting there, our Commanders give us a great opportunity to see the world and meet new friends. The below link will open a form where you can enter your information and upload some pictures.

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Colorado Springs, CO - COS


Lewiston, MI - Garland, 8M8

New York

Millbrook, NY - Sky Acres, 44N


Hard Eight Bar-B-Que, SEP



The Commander Owners Group reserves the right to accept or reject any submissions for any reasons. All submissions become the property of the Commander Owners Group.





Colorado Springs, CO - Colorado Springs Municipal submitted by Bob Tippens, 7/2004

Restaurant Name   Solo's Restaurant, 1665 N. Newport Rd. (719) 570-7656
Menu Type   American
Price Range    
Transportation   Located within 1 mile of COS airport
Rating   "Great Food!" (ed: I guess that puts it high on the rating scale)



Lewiston, MI - Garland, 8M8 submitted by Gary Miesch, 7/04

Restaurant Name   Garland Resort Bar
Menu Type   Variety unlimited
Price Range   Lunches $5-10. Dinner $15-30
Transportation   Call the Lodge @ 989-786-2211 either before arrival or after landing. You can also call them on Unicom 122.8. May take several calls if they are busy. Announce "Garland Lodge Shuttle Unicom."
Rating   10 - Food is fantastic!! Scenery is as well.
Notes   Garland Airport (8M8) RWY 18-36 5047'x75' Asphalt, good condition. Parking North end and West side. Unattended, no phone. Verizon cell phones work here, Nextel does not. No landing fee. Garland actually sold airport but still provides it with shuttle service. About a 5 minute ride. Airport is totally fenced in with 12' anti-deer fence. Shuttle drivers have the combination to locked gate. http://wwwgarlandusa.com


Millbrook, NY - Sky Acres, 44N submitted by Sven Faret, 8/02

Restaurant Name   Sky Acres
Menu Type   Basic
Price Range   $5 - $10
Transportation   on-airport
Rating   9


Hard Eight Bar-B-Que, SEP submitted by Jack Plonien (3/06)

Restaurant Name   Hard Eight Bar-B-Que
Menu Type   BBQ
Price Range   $8 - $15
Transportation   near-airport
Rating   9
Notes   I just found the best Bar-B-Que in North Texas. I flew with a friend to Stephenville, Texas, Saturday because so many local pilots were jaw'n about the Hard Eight Bar-B-Que pit near the Stephenville airport (SEP). It was even featured on the EAA Wings to Adventure national aviation TV program (Episode 1)last year.

The short version... yep, the best!

Rather than me taking a lot of web space telling about the restaurant, I will just add this link for you to read yourself:


The airport has three golf carts for driving on a dirt kart path a short distance to the restaurant, but we called the telephone number posted on the side of the FBO's building and in less than five minutes, a pretty little blonde in a pick-up truck pulled up and took us to BBQ heaven. I did notice we used about 400 more feet of runway for the take off after eating there!!!


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