The Middle Atlantic Commander Owners

Our 1st. annual fly-in

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31 of us had a great dinner & chat!

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Our Host Jean Waltrop

P7170038.JPG (49206 bytes) P7170036.JPG (52747 bytes) Arrivals & Line-up. (7of13)

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Some of the participants.

Copy of P7160005.jpg (42017 bytes) Copy of P7160003.jpg (43807 bytes) Copy of P7160004.jpg (39420 bytes) P7160002.jpg (56258 bytes) P7170032.JPG (55343 bytes) Rich Baughman ,N1383J

Copy of P7160006.jpg (31501 bytes) Copy of P7160007.jpg (39609 bytes) Copy of P7160008.jpg (57373 bytes) Alex Vegas, N1180J

P7170031.JPG (54244 bytes) P7170030.JPG (56327 bytes) John Dluhy & Bill Dolan, N1270J

P7170039.JPG (55915 bytes) Ingrid & Russ Bruinsma, N1244J

 P7170034.JPG (56721 bytes) P7170035.JPG (55650 bytes) Alain Desy, N29859

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P7160016.JPG (51743 bytes)  P7160018.JPG (47241 bytes) P7160019.JPG (43573 bytes)

P7160021.JPG (45141 bytes) Waiting for late arrivals 

P7160026.JPG (25668 bytes) Mat Goodman arriving at 23:27. (a long day for him


Questions? Call Mike Brown (800) 643-0770

We wish to thank Jean Waltrop, Owner-Manager of JGG for all her help.
Please be sure you express your satisfaction to her!